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Cordyceps Militaris is part of a group of functional mushrooms called nootropics. This group of fungi are packed full of beneficial compounds which can be ingested in a variety of ways. Unlike the fictional concept of the hit show The Last of Us Cordyceps mushroom is not predatory on humans. It is predatory on the bodies of dead insects however and chooses this method in which to grow and flourish.

Nootropics are not simply mushrooms, there are natural nootropics like fungi which appear in nature and others which are chemically manufactured by humans. Either way, the term nootropic refers to the effect these substances have on the brain. Functional mushrooms can play a positive role when ingested and affect the overall function of the brain. They are known for cognitive enhancement among other benefits.

You may not realise it, but coffee is another example of a natural nootropic. When this comparison is made, it tends to make people that bit more open to consuming a nootropic mushroom. The safety profile is good as is the side effect profile. Nootropic fungi are non-psychedelic and so they do not cause any hallucinations or alterations of consciousness.

The effects of nootropic mushrooms like Cordyceps are subtle but beneficial. Like coffee can be for many. This article will teach you all you need to know about adding this functional fungus to your diet and how best to do it.


The daily dose guidance for Cordyceps will vary from one supplement product to another. The same will go for raw mushrooms if you choose to take the edible route ingest the mushroom in this way.

That may be easier said than done though so for the purpose of this article we will focus on the dosage guidelines for a Cordyceps supplement by us here at Dr. Mush Me.


Our Cordyceps drops come with specific guidance for daily use. This guidance is only to be applied to our liquid extract supplement and not that of another brand. All liquid extracts are not the same and so we speak for our own supplement here, which is of a high potency and quality.

Our droppers fill to 0.6ml, so take two of these to get just over 1ml daily. The minimum daily dose recommendation is 1ml or 30 drops of liquid extract. The maximum daily dose of our extract is 2ml or 60 drops.

The supplement drops are best added underneath the tongue and left to absorb there for 90 seconds or more before swallowing what remains. Another option is to add your daily dose of drops to a drink or dish. Add to herbal teas, coffee, smoothies, soups, broths and more.


We are unique in that we create Cordyceps liquid extract and offer other nootropics in liquid extract form. This method of supplementing with nootropics is unique because traditionally these fungi are only available in powder, capsule, or raw edible forms.


There is 10,000mg (wet weight) of Cordyceps Militaris extract in every 30ml bottle created by Dr. Mush Me. The benefits and positives of liquid extract are many:

  1. Highest Bioavailability – the main reason we chose to formulate liquid extracts from nootropic mushrooms, was to give users the most bioavailable option on the market. Dropping the liquid under the tongue ensures the beneficial compounds are absorbed quickly and in full with nothing lost to digestion.
  2. Ease of Use – liquid extract can be taken easily underneath the tongue or added to food or drinks instead if you prefer to take supplements this way. There are many ways to use it and it is easy to take with you anywhere.
  3. Potency – the method by which this liquid extract is made ensures its potency and quality. A specialist extraction technology allows for the extract to be taken carefully from the mushroom and placed within a clean formula without additives or fillers.
  4. Dosage Control – want a light dose? Take 1ml. Want a strong dose? Take 2ml. It’s your choice. Start lower and build if you prefer. All options are possible with liquid extract.


Powder and capsule forms of functional mushroom supplements like Cordyceps Militaris are the most common form found on the market but that doesn’t mean they are the best option.

Such supplements often come packed with fillers in the form of grains to fill out the capsule or bulk up the powdered extract. The quality can be poor, and you can’t be sure how much mushroom content you are consuming.

While capsules and powders are handy, it is important to note that these must pass through the digestive system to be processed by the body. The beneficial nutrients in the mushrooms cannot be released until digestion is complete. Which is why liquid supplements can surpass powder forms in terms of quality and most importantly bioavailability.


Ultrasonic Assisted Extraction technology is revolutionizing the way we harness the power of medicinal mushrooms like Cordyceps. This advanced method uses ultrasonic waves to penetrate the cell walls of the Cordyceps mushroom, allowing for the effective release of bioactive compounds without damaging them.

The result is a highly potent extract that maintains the mushroom’s beneficial properties in a more concentrated form. This technique not only improves the yield and speed of the extraction process compared to traditional methods but also ensures that the full spectrum of Cordyceps’ nutrients are maintained in the best condition.

Ultrasonic Assisted Extraction, consumers receive a product that is not only fast-acting but also retains the mushroom’s natural synergy, providing a more robust and holistic approach to supplementation. This method aligns perfectly with the goal of natural supplements, offering a purer, more effective way to incorporate the benefits of Cordyceps into a daily routine.


Here we present you with the best ways to take a daily dose of Cordyceps mushroom and hope this information guides you in the right direction. As with all supplements be consistent with dosage and form a routine around it to fit seamlessly into your lifestyle.

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