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Boost Your Store Traffic and Revenue Risk-Free with Our Exclusive Nootropics!

Transform Your Store’s Future sales with a “risk free start”. 

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Dear Future Stockist

At Dr. Mush Me, we recognize the challenges you face in a competitive market. 

Choosing the right products was never meant to be easy.

And you have to make these decisions knowing you have a family to provide for. 

Ordering in the right products with the right margin is so important to your bottom line.

That’s why we’re offering a deal which is both fair for you and fair for us.

Five of our top-selling products for free on your first order, allowing you to introduce our innovative health supplements to your inventory without any financial risk.

The reason it is fair to us is because we know they will sell.

Each bottle retails for 39.95 therefore giving you 100% margin for your 1st order.

Thats 200.00 of free product. 

Think about the risk you usually face when introducing a new product.

Will it sell?

Is this going to just sit of the shelf and never repay the cost price?

I do want to stay up to date with new trends however how can i be sure it will be risk free?

That is what we are doing today, offering you 5 products for free to show you they will sell. 

A risk free start.

Nootropic mushrooms like Reishi and Cordyceps are massive keywords right now and why not capitialise on them now, risk free. 

Not only are they risk free but all future orders provide a 50% margin. 

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Why Choose Us

Risk Free Start

"I want to differentiate my product offerings "

I want to provide high-quality, effective supplements to customers.

Ultra-Sonic Assisted Extraction

I want to stay ahead of my competitors

Premium Pricing for Exclusive Nootropic Blend


About Dr. Mush Me

Sister company to Dr. He*p Me meaning we cannot advertise our herb supplement (if you know what i means) 

One thing we have learned is to invest in high quality extraction.

This ensures customer retention which is a neccessity for your bottom line. 

This is why all of our Nootropics are extracted using ultrasonic assisted extraction. 

Long story short, this is the highest quality extraction method currently in the world. 

This means you are getting 5 free bottles of highest quality nootopics in the EU. 

Start with 1. Chaga 2. Ashwagandha 1. Cordyceps and 1 Reishi.

And watch them jump off your shelves or online store. 

And again this is all risk free. 

Lets go one better and have all products delivered within 1 to 3 business days and this includes all future orders. 

We have warehouses in the Netherlands and Ireland meaning we can reach anyone in Europe with 3 business days (if not next business day)

Start today with a risk free start!

Get call from one of our experienced sales people.

Get call back within 24 hours

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